by Twelve Sunsets



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released July 15, 2013



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Twelve Sunsets Santiago De Compostela, Spain

Twelve Sunsets é unha banda de metalcore de Santiago de Compostela. Temos xa un EP: Humane. // Twelve Sunsets es un grupo de metalcore de Santiago de Compostela. Tenemos ya un EP, Humane, disponible aquí.

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Track Name: Frontline (make them pay)
Our comfort seems betrayed
By the lawyers of chaos
We march, We scream like one.

Smoke now fills the air
In war we seem to enrage
While the landmines choke our souls.

The sky turns red today
As we stare at nothingness
As flames consume the dead
Until we fade away.

Another body left behind
Falls to the fires of a grenade
While we stand above the ground.

Witnesses of the horror
Home is meaningless to them
And this death could bring peace, we could feel relief.

Make them pay, you want to make them pay.

The sky turns red today
As we stare at nothingness
As flames consume the dead
Until we fade away.

The picture of death haunts you
And lays you to your knees
The blood stains will be in vain
Your lives belong to them!
Track Name: In your eyes
Why won't you hear the fucking things you say?
Maybe these nightmares, have taken your heart away.
And I am another victim of all those lies
I'm Wondering how could you watch me die.

These bloodstains fill the walls
You knew I didn't stand a chance
I got lost following the wrong way
And now your stabs are the only path.

My blood means nothing in your eyes.
My hope is turning dark in your eyes.
Survival's blank in your eyes.
Why don't you let me die?

"Rest In Peace", a plaque will lead,
for all the hatred that you've swallowed
reflected by the knife you hold above my head
Why is this happenning to me?

Screaming my lungs out
Waiting for my time
You tell me I'm broken
But I have just dried.

Who will save you from yourself?
When your heart is drowning, sinking
It's nothing more than a weapon,
a fucking clockwork explosive.

It's going to explode!
In your eyes
My hope is coming back
In your eyes
I'm rising up again
In your eyes
Now you're the one waiting to die.

Scream your lungs out
I'll watch you die.

In your eyes.
Track Name: Effervescent Hills
I'll be back some day, and it will still be raining
the waterfalls will shape my heart, will shape my return
still there'll be nothing left to hang myself to
as the ropes are cut, since i left this city
and my friends fall apart.
My fate was bound to her steps in every way.

Tracing the lights, I feel a glimpse of darkness
the sound of my feet on the ground, as i walk
becomes as loud as this heartbeats
and I reach her door, and the door reaches my fist.

There she is, behind the wooden wall
But the answer's not yet in her tongue.

I escaped once, I floated away, from her
I dreamt, and felt like something real
Beneath my throat, this hell is praying to scream out
While I see her face again.
She hides from my eyes.

And her door never closes to the dreams I had. (Let me go)

The words she spoke, they were never the whole truth.
And as I walked under the rain, I saw this world slip away.

And as the Earth is torn apart
These streets feel like effervescent hills.